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Established in 2023, with a team of experienced and enthusiastic young people, The Way has handled business procedures for many domestic and foreign companies.

The main services that The Way is providing include: comprehensive company establishment services, business license services, dissolution/suspension/termination of business operations services.

With a team of knowledgeable, professional and dedicated staff in the legal field, The Way is committed to bringing customer satisfaction in all services at the most reasonable cost in the fastest time.

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Ms Helena - Fio Group

“I want to establish a new company but the complicated procedures cause me to spend a lot of time traveling.

Recommended by friends, I found The Way. The Way's staff were very enthusiastic in listening to the difficult problems I was having and resolved them after only 3 working days. I am very grateful to The Way.”

Mr. Đo Van Nhat - Agency Accord Viet Nam

The office of Thinkgroup, although not directly located in THE WAY, is still assisted with enthusiastic advice in the procedures, Business Registration papers so that it is exactly what Vietnam Law stipulates.

I am very happy with the enthusiasm of THE WAY staff for customers.

Mr. Francis Hung - Trainer

Service at THE WAY is quite professional and quick, the attitude of serving customers is very devoted and open. I am very happy that I just need to plan my business without going to the agencies to complete the procedure of changing my business location.

Actually, I am very satisfied with using the service at THE WAY