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Process of dissolution of the company branch at the tax department

Process of dissolving the branch of the company at the tax department l G-OFFICE


Procedures for dissolution of a branch of a company (also known as a branch tax closing procedure) at a tax office, if there are no problems as well as penalties for declaring and paying taxes, the loss of the account 15 days. Today, G-Office will guide the process to dissolve the branch of the company at the tax office so that your company can consult:

quy trinh giai the cong ty do G-Office chia se thong tin

Steps to implement the company branch dissolution process


To avoid arising in the process of applying for a branch tax code, businesses should always check the status of the tax declaration and payment of the branch. Here are some information to check:

- The company checks the list of tax registration and payment taxes of the current branch.

- Check the obligations related to hanging the company board, company name ... or tax status of the current company branch.

Check and prepare all necessary information for carrying out procedures for branch dissolution at the tax office in the following steps:

quy trinh giai the chi nhanh cong ty tai g-office chia se

Step 1: Prepare the application file for invalidation of the branch's tax code. The file includes 04 sets with the documents to be prepared as follows:

- Application for invalidation of the company's branch tax code (according to form 24).

- Decision to dissolve the branch of the company.

- A notarized copy of the operation license of the branch of the company.


Step 2: After 2 to 5 working days, the tax status will change to stop the operation of taxpayers but have not completed the validity procedures of MST, go to the tax office to receive this notice. (Notice form is issued on Form 17).


Step 3: Go to the tax office according to the notice schedule to do the next thing (If any).


Step 4: If there is no notice of invitation from the tax authority, within 10 working days there will be notice of the completion of the dissolution process of the company branch (according to Form 18).

Above are some contents shared by G-Office about the process of dissolution of the company branch. If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please contact our consulting team immediately via the hotline: (028) 222 00 919

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