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Things to prepare to prepare a company profile

Things need to be prepared to make a dossier for establishment of company l G-OFFICE

You want to start a business but don't know where to start? There are still many concerns about the procedures or processes for establishing limited liability companies, one-member limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, etc. You wonder what kind of business you should choose accordingly?

thu tuc thanh lap doanh nghiep tai tp ho chi minh l G-Office

G-OFFICE consultation with the extensive experience in the field of consulting services for establishment of companies, business licenses, ... We will provide detailed instructions to customers about processes and procedures setting up new businesses as follows:

Things to prepare to prepare a company G-Office


1. Select the appropriate type of business

One problem that most startups are wondering is what type of business should be chosen? The type of business will affect the identification of rights and obligations of the owners so it plays a very important role, in the long term it relates to the vision and direction of a company.

There are four factors to consider carefully before proceeding to establish the company: Taxes, personal responsibilities and obligations, investors' expectations, procedures for transfer, addition, replacement of owners owned. Currently, there are 5 types of common businesses: One member limited liability company, Joint stock company, Limited company, Foreign capital company, Company branch.


2. Why do notary public documents

- Type of limited liability company: notarized copy of ID card or passport of members

- Type of joint stock company: notarized copy of ID card or passport of shareholders

Note: Time limit for ID card is not more than 15 years and notarized copy is not more than 3 months.

giay to can chuan bi de thanh lap doanh nghiep tại G-Office


3. Name the company

It is best to put your business name short and easy to remember, pronounceable and the name must be written in Vietnamese (with numbers and symbols allowed). In which there are at least 2 components are the type of business or Private name.

Company names are not allowed to overlap with previously established companies (stipulated in Article 42 of the 2014 Enterprise Law). To check if the name you put is identical with other companies that cannot access: "" for reference.


4. Determine the legal business address under the ownership of the company

The head office of a business is a place for customers / partners to contact in Vietnam. The address must determine the number of houses, alleys, streets, streets or villages, hamlets, communes, districts, wards, towns, districts, towns, provinces and cities under provinces and cities directly under the central government.

Currently residential apartments are not allowed to place business addresses to perform business functions. However, in some commercial centers, investors have permission

Apartments with functions to stay are not allowed to set the address of the company headquarters to perform business functions there, however, in some commercial centers / condominiums, investors can apply for business functions. For certain and specific areas such as the ground floor, the first floor and the second floor ... And for other addresses with clear addressing, you can completely set the address of the enterprise's head office for business. joint.


5. Determine the industry expected business company.

Business lines of registered enterprises must match the level 4 code in the national economic system. For conditional business lines, it must meet the provisions of law to set up such as: practice certificates, conditions on child licenses ...


6. Determine the charter capital for business

Charter capital is the amount of capital contributed or committed by members, shareholders to contribute within a certain time limit, to be included in the company's Charter to announce to other shareholders.

The charter capital affecting enterprises' excise tax payment must be paid as follows:

  • The business license tax payable by enterprises when having a charter capital of over VND 10 billion is: VND 3 million / year
  • For businesses with charter capital of VND 10 billion or less, the license tax rate is: VND 2 million / year


7. Determining the title of legal representative of the company / business.

Regarding the title of legal representative of an enterprise, to be the Director (or General Director).

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