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Guiding procedures for changing company directors in accordance with regulations

Guiding procedures for changing company directors in accordance with new regulations l G-OFFICE


G-Office guides you through the necessary procedures when businesses want to appoint new directors in accordance with the Law on Enterprises 2014. Changing Director is also the change of the legal representative, so Is this more difficult than appointing a new Director? Join G-Office to learn about the rules for changing company directors.

Enterprises are allowed to make their own decisions in the management structure of whether the Director is a legal representative. According to Decree 78/2015 / ND-CP, the procedures for changing the Director of the company will have different records as well as the steps taken before.


Change of company director - Legal representative


Currently this case is quite common because most businesses are delegating to the Director as the legal representative. Therefore, when an enterprise changes its Director, it is also a change of the legal representative, so the documents sent to the business registration office will be added with the following contents: Notice of change in legal representative and notice of change of enterprise manager. At the same time, enterprises must notify some tax information to the business registration agency to update new information of business law representatives on the national tax network.

Many businesses have this problem when the business registration office has issued a new certificate of business registration under the new legal representative for the company but on the national tax network has not been updated leading to the signing of the declaration or taxpayers' letters of taxation are not accepted.


Is it simpler to change the Director but not the legal representative?


The change procedure will be simpler for the case where the Director is not a legal representative. After the business appoints a new person, you only need to inform the planning department to change the information to update the new person with the tax department.

  1.  Notice of changes in tax registration information of enterprises.
  2.  Power of attorney for applicants to authorities.
  3.  Copy of ID card (notarized) or passport of the person in charge of the new director position.
  4.  Minutes of meetings and decisions of the company about changing director of the company.
  5.  Decision to appoint a new director


Has the company been penalized for changing the new director without notifying?


The notice of director change when sent to the business registration office is approved is the time of completion, so if not notify the change of director information will make the appointment faulty. At that time, if a dispute arises, the transactions of the enterprise as the new Director's representative will be considered invalid.

Above are some sharing about changing the Director of a business, if any business has difficulty in preparing documents as well as changing procedures, please contact the consulting department immediately. at G-Office via hotline: (028) 222 00 919

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